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the bodice reminds me of a satine fabric I saw, it seems to have a bit of shine, but it looks very opaque so not a satine. Maybe a better quality cotton or satine? The skirt is more of a linen or maybe a hemp? linen might need to be distressed a bit to achieve the well worn look, but hemp might not. Thats just my 2 cents though As for the ring, I'd suggest looking for the circles used for napkin holders for the actual circle and then see if there are any eagel necklaces that you could combine to make that?
Yeah, it almost looks like linen or hemp but then also looks like silk... its a strange fabric, I wish I could ask the costume designers! And thanks for the tip for the metal ring, that's a good idea!

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I would guess silk, for the whole dress - and guess it's been gradient-dyed while bunched up or something like that.

You know how they have those "crinkly" dresses ? Kind of like that. You twist the wet silk and let it dry that way, and it will make semi-permanent pleats. By dying it while twisted up, I think you might get a look like that (like tie-dye). And you could steam it to make the pleats less stiff and more natural and distressed looking.
I was looking at crepe fabric, but I can't seen to find anything the right color (all I find is crepe backed satin, not really what I want, I think).

What type of silk do you recommend? Dupioni is the only silk I am personally familiar with, lol.

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