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Originally Posted by Fairypiranha View Post
Anyways! I do have a question so I guess I'll start us off.

Reference picture 1
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I am making this costume for Dragon*Con in September. I'm pretty sure I'll make the pink overdress out of a nicer cotton. But I'm a little confused on the petticoats. I would like it to be very fluffy so I immidiatly though tulle, but I would like to avoid the sheer look of tulle. because it doesn't work with the outfit's look. Do you think I should just add some lace to the end of the tulle or use a different fabric? Also any suggestions on what fabric to make the under shirt out of?

Thanks so much!
I hope this thread helps someone!
Unless you're able to shop at a very high-end fabric store, like in a garment district of a big city (LA, NYC, etc), I would strongly recommend against cotton. The cotton fabric that's available at local fabric stores like JoAnn's, Hancock's, etc, is intended for quilting, not for dressmaking, and is too thin and too stiff to be right for this dress. I would probably go with a polyester or rayon, or cotton-poly blend. Really, you're best off just wandering through the aisles of the fabric store, touching the fabric and seeing how it drapes -- and keeping in mind that you can dye just about any fabric to the right color, if you can't find what you want.

For the petticoat, I would *highly* recommend buying it (or buying two or three, actually). It's totally possible to make a petticoat like that, but it requires so much fabric and takes so long to gather all of it that it's really just not worth it. I would check with the EGL/Loli crowd to see what specific petticoats they recommend for that level of poof. Once you factor in how much all the fabric and lace will cost, and how long it will take you to make it, buying a pre-made petticoat instead will almost certainly save you money.

(See you at DragonCon!)
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