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I was wondering what kind of sewing machine any one could help recommend for me? I need to buy a new one because the one I had broke and is a piece of crap and I hate it and want to blow it up. No joke. lol

It was brand new, I think it was the very basic Singer but the bobbin thread always broke (I know it can also be due to cheap thread, but I usually got the better thread, not the extremely cheap stuff that tends to break every 5 seconds, that started to annoy me after a while lol), and every time I put a needle in they broke all the time and I never buy cheapie needles. It wasn't like that in the beginning, it worked quite well, then about a couple months after I used it it started crapping out and I know it wasn't me. I had my aunt who's a sewn since she was married, atleast 20 if not more years, helped me calibrate it and every thing.

I've done a lot of research but just not sure exactly what to get, I loved my aunts old Kenmore tank. It did have it's weird little quirks, having to do this and that a specific way but me and my aunt used to do all sorts of projects so I learned how to use it.

But I need my own since I don't live at home any more.

I'm looking for a good basic beginners sewing machine, some thing cheap but not crappy. Since especially I don't sew that much but I'd like to start sewing again so I can teach myself how to sew things since I would like to start making more of my own costumes. Any thing that any one has used themselves and can vouch for would be great. Thanks.
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