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Yeah I tried FW artist ink the secound time but it again only tintedd about 15% the blue darker. >_> Black is hard. I wash my wig out thoroughly first to re-prep the wig for dying again.

I've got a concentrated 8 pen sharpie dye ready to go last night. It is purple based but I'm sort of desperate to get this wig darker. Bic markers are hard to find.

The only thing I got done was my tail yesterday day (Saturday was bust with Father's Day ^_^).

So next is the tie ... so much bias tape to make. >_> Almost tempted to cheat and pick up some premade bias tape tonight. The only good thing about it it's a much thinner fabric stock so it won't add to much bulk.

I might not be able to finish my sword bag for Saturday. I got the standard red suiting weight fabric since the china textiles are $13 a yard and I would need a continuous length of 64" ouch.

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