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Originally Posted by touchmon View Post
Oh cool. Now I really want to play it. XD I should have bought it right away since I love the games Atlus puts out but I don't know why I hesitated with this one. Guess I'll have to comb the stores in the area and find it.

Personally I got my copy of Ocarina of Time and am playing that. The 3ds is finally getting some use.
You might be able to get from Amazon or eBay a lot easier than you would in person now.

Anyway, I'm at the end of Radiant Historia but it has been taken out of my DS in favor of Ocarina of Time. I don't really mind the 3D in this game, I think I'm getting used to 3D now, unlike when the 3DS launched and gave me a headache haha. There's still the occasion though where I'll move the system slightly and see a faint ghost of Link. It's not that bad though.
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