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Originally Posted by Michi View Post
Really? I didn't feel that way at all. The romance option is always there, but you don't need to pick it! I did a bunch of companion sidequests with Merrill and Anders especially, but I was romancing Isabela and never flirted with the others.
I'm just in Act 1, haven't done the Deep Roads bit yet. So that view is kind of pre-emptive.

In Mass Effect 2, the only companion plot lines I could finish at all were the black dude and Tali (Because I romanced her), all the other ones didn't go any further. The women all stuck as soon as I didn't pursue a romance (What, you can't be buddies instead?).

In this one, as soon as I got Anders, the first conversation that happens, I pretty much needed to pick the "I want it" or "Unexpected, but it's not like I want you to stop" flirt options to get him to say anything more about Justice or his views on mages/circle of magi/etc.

Otherwise he just clammed up as soon as I said no, then there were rivality points.

I think the worst irony of this is that I'm playing a male MC and only had the issue with the male companions yet, the women conversation options being flirt-free. Heck, you can hit on Fenris before he's actually recruited! (What?)
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