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Death by photograph.
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Just finished Infamous 2 ending as a Hero.



I mean, it was good and appropriate. BUT WHY?

Some side notes and responses to people who got the game on release date:
I preferred Kuo over Nix as well Unit.
Meso I, too, found Nix to be an over eccentric and stereotypical rasta, then again this is Louisiana.
I started the game as a Thug and almost got 1 rank higher, but said eff it and went good. I didn't regret the choice because being good meant having fewest possible interactions with Nix. But after that ending... I've gotta find out the alternate ending! I have a save file right before the you start the final mission so I COULD go back and revert my karmic alignment just for the ending, but I have to play from the beginning as infamous in order to get the earlier trophies.

SPOILER: (highlight to read)
I'm so sad right now. Archelon... What Infamous 3?
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