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Anyway, I'm at the end of Radiant Historia but it has been taken out of my DS in favor of Ocarina of Time. I don't really mind the 3D in this game, I think I'm getting used to 3D now, unlike when the 3DS launched and gave me a headache haha. There's still the occasion though where I'll move the system slightly and see a faint ghost of Link. It's not that bad though.
I can't play it at all with the 3D. It just gives me a massive headache which kind of stinks since the 3DS's biggest thing is well...the 3D and I can't have the 3D on at all. At least the gyroscope thing makes it worth it...kinda. XD My family has been giving me strange looks as I turn the 3DS to aim the slingshot and such.

Other than Ocarina I'm also playing Lego Harry Potter. . Almost have all 200 bricks. Only 11 more to go!
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