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Originally Posted by Shoji-Aoyama View Post
I too take a breath in and hold it for anything under 1/50 (depends on focal length, the lens itself, and of course the presence of VR/IS). . . and ive found that locking my arm braced in my strap (Blackrapid RS DR-1) helps things along as well

and im pretty sure a DSLR isnt exactly an Assault Rifle in terms of handling
As a former instructor in both, I can say that they are quite similar body position and breathing technique wise. You don't hold your breath really, you release your breath until your "aim point" falls on your target. Then you have 3-5 seconds to press the shutter release before you begin to get movement from your pulse. I posted a link to a video that shows camera technique from a world class/award winning photographer. Those of us who have had training in the service see the parallels, and adapt the technique accordingly. It works for me. As for others, it would be foolish to say this is how it is and everyone else sucks. It's a starting point. That's why it's referred to as a basic technique.
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