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Cool Alright Guys!

I AM BACK. Just got done with A-Kon a lil bit ago and well sadly only went as Bankai Minor Vizard Ichigo *just the contacts*. Anyways little description of myself again to see what you brilliant minded cosplayers can give me.
Height: 5'9'' *about*
Eye Color: Hazel *can wear contacts*
Build: athletic *not tooth pick thin but mainly muscle*
Hair Color: Red *Pic links below*
Ok guys...i'm not too keen on crossplay but i can at least look at the ideas. I'm fine with using a wig and contacts they are not beyond me, I'd prefer something i can do near perfect myself but what ever i could do really well is fine too. I need quite a few ideas for the rest of this year and well all of 2012 so give me what you got please

*Please not Ichigo Kurosaki either i've done him alot lately.*
These are the most recent as of 12/01/11. My body type is still athletic as well.
PS- I don't have to play a red head even if that is more convenient i can wear a wig so just suggest it up if ya like.
This is a poll i made from character ideas i have had but i still need assistance so vote for as many as you like and or message me with some more ideas. I may take your ideas or just add them to the poll i like lots of feed back.
(>'.')> <('.')> <('.'<) Dancin Kirby XD

Just a Cosplayer who likes to make new friends....and steal more souls lol JK! Anyways I'm always looking for new cosplays so if you can think of anything let me know My pics and description here.
Ichigo Kurosaki *Bankai*-Bleach(95%)
Zero-VK (35%)

Lee Syaoran- Tsu.Chro.(0%)
Custom AirGear Cosplay (0%)

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