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I posted this in a topic, but it didn't get any responses, so I'm hoping that if I post it here I will.

I want to go to NYAF as a female Alfred F. Jones (name = Alicia "Allie" F. Jones). So, I have most of the costume down, my biggest problem is that I want Allie's costume to be relatively close to Alfred's (only it will be much too hard to track down female army fatigues that would match). At the moment, I can't figure out what I want to wear underneath the jacket. Meaning, her actual outfit. Here are my ideas so far:
1) a tan/beige pencil skirt with a white collared shirt, and a tie
2) a mini-skirt (maybe tan or beige) of undetermined style, a white blouse and a silk scarf
3) denim jeans, a white collared shirt, and a tie
3.5) denim jeans and a white tank top or blouse

What do you guys think? Additional ideas are MORE than welcome.
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