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Originally Posted by lotus machine View Post
Flora, every post you ever make makes me love you more and more. Fo' real.

I'm actually planning on making several Mistress costumes for A-kon next year. My girlfriend, Kaitlin, is going to go as the lady adventurer, Greir. She originally wanted me to be the Snow Queen to match, but I am no hourglass figured lady. I actually share Mistress' exact body type, and her outfits are killer.

However, I'm no fan of wearing thongs out in public either, so I'm going to sacrifice a bit of artistic integrity in favor of public decency. We're just going to adapt her bottoms to cover everything.

Novella aside, if you do Ivan, we *must* kidnap you and have a mini shoot. ♥
Hell to the yeah! High five, brah!

I will TOTALLY be Ivan at A-Kon next year.
Complete with cumsprite.
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