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Anyone want to recommend a good Husqvarna viking sewing machine or Pfaff or Bernina?

Preferably in the 200-400$ range?

My sewing:
Materials mainly used: light to medium weight. SOMETIMES heavy (ie: jean, but that's mainly to fix a hole)
knits, jersey, lycra/spandex (Would LOVE a machine that can work through spandex!<3), cotton, cotton blends, wool, etc.

Experience sewing: Intermediate-advanced (well not truly advanced yet!)
Wanting to learn embroidery. So something with embroidery but high stitching would be awesome.

Stitches I use often; zig zag and straight, button holes. Would like to play around with tighter stitches for hems.
Front load bobbin is a Must for me. I prefer a machine with minimal repairs and upkeep. (Not that I mind cleaning, but who wants a machine that needs repairs and needs to go into the shop all the time?) Prefer to work on my machine at home; ie: Repair at home. User Friendly. Good needle work and can handle a variety of fabrics of course. Oh and a zipper foot!

Please link me a website, brand and model number. Thanks<3
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