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I don't play cosplay but I'm going to search out every site that does to warn people about my experience with a couple days ago I placed an order through them to purchase a black tank top..gave them my visa and was told the item would come out on my statement from paypal..even though I didn't use them. The transaction was authorized but then I received an email saying this item was out of stock and that my card would be refunded. I went on their website to see who I could contact and figured id go through their clothes again except...there wasn't any! Two days ago there was almost 500 items. I've emailed their site and some site related to them somehow response..also no refund. I've done some research on their IP address and 200 different websites are connected to it..ranging from quilts to electronics. I only lost 60 bucks thank god and have blocked my account so this scammer cant bleed me dry..I saw how expensive some of those costumes r...they are still listed. Be careful!!!

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