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Review: Sugarpill Cosmetics

Name of Products: Sugarpill Cosmetics

Where Purchased:

Product Description: Sugarpill Cosmetics is a custom line of vibrant, richly pigmented, velvety pressed eyeshadows and sparkling loose powders. And are Vegan friendly.

Pros: The size is a huge plus right out of the gate. It's 4 grams of product for the pressed shadows for only 12 dollars. Which is a steal for anyone who is used to MAC shadows which are 1.5g for nearly 15 dollars. The color payoff for the pressed shadows is phenomenal. So far I only have to swipe my brush 2 to 3 times to get enough build up of product for application. Since the pigment is so rich, a little goes a long way. Also, these colors are all very bright. There's no such thing as a "neutral color" in this line. So if you're a fan of Kryolan you'll enjoy this. I consider this makeup to be midway of the price range spectrum. It's the step between drugstore and department, but with department results. Another pro is the ability to pop the pressed shadows out since they're held in by magnets. So you could kind of swap out colors and make your own palette for when you go to events. So far I've had no troubles with this rubbing off or melting on me. A definite must for anyone who doesn't have a lot of bright colors or makeup to start out on. The packaging just screams Kawaii! It's absolutely adorable! Amy, the creator of this line, definitely put out a lot of money on just that alone. On a side note, the matte white is THE best white I've ever used, it shows up great. =^_^=

Cons: They're really not many cons actually. Maybe the only one I have is that I wish there were more pressed shadows. Especially pressed metallics. As of right now there are only 9 matte colors. I'm not really sure if I should even list this as a con but sometimes certain pressed shadows will stain you lids a bit. I've had that problem with "Dollipop", the bright pink, a few times but it never lasts too long.

Overall Rating: I'd give this a 10 for sure. Bright colors, fun packaging, great color payoff, great value for money, and wonderful customer service from Amy.

Note: Everything is made in California and they do ship internationally. =^_^=

I also experimented with the Burning Heart palette and have the pictures and instructions up on my blog. I also have one where I used the loose pigments too. =^_^=


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