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Originally Posted by Koona K. View Post
Definitely love the wedding band idea. I totally forgot about that! I would absolutely work on the hair since I've seen a few that just go with their hair just down and it look like their homeless. lol. Also! If you could exaggerate the eyebrows I would love you forever! It's such a subtle thing that most ignore b/c it may look ridiculous but I get so happy when someone goes the extra mile to do it. Just a thought.
Thanks Koona! You're an amazing Cammy! And I can only hope that I can make my Ken to the calibur of your costume.

I am definitely doing the eyebrows. If anybody finds them awkward, I'll just play off with some trademark Ken swagger lol. My eyebrows are pretty crazy to begin with (you can kinda see them in my profile pic), so they should just take a little tweaking. Lol.

I'm officially finished the pants, gloves and belt. And I'm currently modifying the gi jacket for a better fit.

I've yet to acquire the ring, but its on my list.

I'll try to post some progress pics soon.

Also, I'm not sure how I should wear my hair.. So, I'm putting it to a vote!
Just post stating whether I should have long hair (alpha Ken) or short hair (1,2,3,4. Etc.)

Thanks everyone! For your comments and encouragement!

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