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I had the same problem with her. I didn't do a review but that was because I didn't think of it at the time. I got my refund though but it was only for a portion of what my mom and I actually paid her.
I commissioned two outfits from her: Beast for Kuroshitsuji and Avatar Kyoshi from Avatar the Last Airbender. I myself was going to pay for Beast, which was rather expensive, and my mom was going to pay for Kyoshi and she knew this. I sent a quote request last September, sent payment in October, and sent measurements in October. After sending measurements this was the email I reseived:
Thanks for the measurements! I'll start drafting the patterns soon. I'll send you an update when I complete them and buy fabric, or when I buy any other supplies.
Never got the update.
Then time passed and communication became slow and all of her promises for progress pictures never occured...
Then when I did get them they were all for Kyoshi and the only one I ever got regarding beast was the wig half styled.
I had requested this for a time around christmas...though she didn't do it then, nor did she do it by the even I wanted it for (a con at the end of january.)
She had made my mom and me extremely upset and to be honest my mom has said that we're never using her again.

Oh and the Kyoshi costume was supposed to be my mom's christmas present to me so my christmas present wasn't a costume just money that I could only use online.

Here is her excuse for why she didn't get them done ontime:
I want to be honest with you as to why I did not have this complete in time. When I first received your measurements, I held off on drafting/draping the patterns because I wanted to get my old dress form that had your sizes so I could make sure the fit was close as possible. The form was with my family in Texas, so I waited and thought it would be shipped soon. I ended up coming home for Christmas, saw it, and asked to have it shipped. When January came along, I figured they weren't going to ship it(or really just kept forgetting to) so I started to draft. I had a lot of orders for Anime LA, which was the second weekend in the month, so that took some time. When I finally got over that I was going to start work on both of your costumes, giving me at least a week or two to complete them. Then the music video I had been working on decided to get back on track and shoot the next week. (Like I told you earlier, the last week was full of preparing for that) When everything was said and done, I started work on your orders but simply ran out of time.
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