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I find it interesting that being honest is supposed to kind of make up for not getting to the cosplays and getting them done in time. What's up with hardly any communication until the costumes are passed due? If you want to be honest with your customers, shouldn't you be in contact the whole time? I for one, really don't care what the reason is, if you paid for a service, you should get it by the agreed upon time. The commissioners (not all!) on here have made me so cold hearted, which I'm not at all! They really need to figure out how to manage their time. To be told I'm last on your priority list just enrages me. DO NOT run a business if you don't have the work ethic or the business mentality. It is beyond irritating. I hope the cosplay community comes together and stops commissioning altogether from commissioners like this. Seems the only way commissioners who can't get it together are going to can't treat customers like this.
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