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Originally Posted by Hikari25 View Post
Next spring(Colossalcon in Ohio), I'm going to be cosplaying Hatsune Miku, from Vocaloid.(Regular Outfit)
I need more opinions than anything else as I already have a few ideas as to the fabric I want to use.
All reference videos/pics show that Miku's outfit is shiny. However, I'm a dancer, and my group performs a lot, especially at this con(we got hired, so we do performances, a panel, etc, which means a lot of hours dancing and a lot of sweat. :P) This means that I value flexibility, washability, and to preferably not sweat through my shirt(How un-Miku is that? xD)
So here are my options, which I was hoping I could get feedback from people on ^^:

1)Vinyl: The correct level of shine, and overall the most accurate fabric in my opinion. Plus, I wouldn't be able to sweat through it. However, I wouldn't be able to wash it easily after dancing. I'm also a little worried about this melting if any of the wiring in the cosplay gets too warm. ^^;

2)Satin/Silk: This is probably my least favorite choice, though it's the one I've seen done most often. My dance uniform is made of one of these(I can't really tell which), and it looks nice, but it terrible to clean and keep in nice shape. However, it also has the correct level of shine, and I'm less worried with problems with electronics.

3)Suiting: Not shiny at all, but washable and durable, and a lot more comfortable to wear than either of the other choices.

Basically, it comes down to accuracy(vinyl) vs. wearability(suiting). Which do you guys think is more important in a cosplay?

I really have to say that even though some official pictures of Miku's shirt show it to have a bit of lustre, shiny fabrics are a huge no-no. I've seen vinyl, satin, silk, and more in Mikus and they all just look really... meh. I recommend a nice, strong but soft grey suiting fabric. Trust me- it'll look and feel a LOT better, especially in pictures.


Shiny vs. Matte

In my opinion, the matte looks much better. Also the second girl's picture is in daylight as opposed to a con hallway, but trust me, matte looks so much better under flash.

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