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Originally Posted by Hikari25 View Post
Next spring(Colossalcon in Ohio), I'm going to be cosplaying Hatsune Miku, from Vocaloid.(Regular Outfit)
I need more opinions than anything else as I already have a few ideas as to the fabric I want to use.
All reference videos/pics show that Miku's outfit is shiny. However, I'm a dancer, and my group performs a lot, especially at this con(we got hired, so we do performances, a panel, etc, which means a lot of hours dancing and a lot of sweat. :P) This means that I value flexibility, washability, and to preferably not sweat through my shirt(How un-Miku is that? xD)

If you want somewhere in-between shiny and not, you could look for a cotton sateen -- that'll give you some of the sheen that it sounds like you want, but the added comfort/breathability of a cotton -- and without some of the troubles that poly or silk satin would give you. (It also means, if you run that way, that you can dye it to however exact of a shade you want ... but I'm a dye junkie so I tend to think about that. XD )

Of your three options, I'm inclined to say go with the suiting -- especially if you're performing under stage lights. Vinyl would be murder, IMO. And if you're going to be in it all day, with those performances to boot, comfort over accuracy makes sense to me when you're not wandering out into left field and choosing something completely unsuitable.
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