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Originally Posted by ShinobiXikyu View Post
I'm the sort who takes any excuse to dress up she can get, because there's not a lot of it where I live. Though I don't get to go to many concerts (for the record, its either metal/non-mainstream music or video game music for concerts I go to). My last one, Video Games Live, was pro-cosplay, so I dressed up and had a blast. Before that, I went to see Alice Cooper, and had a handmade Alice Cooper t-shirt, and his makeup style (specifically I did his "Killer"-era eye points instead of the big lash-lines).

...I just don't get people who wear band t-shirts of OTHER bands to concerts. How effing stupid is that?
Well whats the point in wearing a tee of the band you seeing either? Part of the reason why you wear band tees to show people what music you like, if you're at their concert its obvious that you're a fan of them, you don't need to wear their merch to tell everyone that. The band's probably not gonna care either if you're wearing one of their shirts.

And I wore a HEALTH tee to a Crystal Castles concert one time. While it may have been a different band it's a band that has a very close relationship to Crystal Castles, I've seen them tour together, they're worked on songs together, released split EPs. I wanted to show my support for their music but I also wanted to stand out from others, only decicated fans would probably have recognised the link.

But personally I don't care what band tee you wear, doesn't bother me I think its fine actually to wear the band's own tee to their gig. And I think it's fine to wear other band's stuff to other gigs, so long as it makes sense and they're similar bands. You wouldn't wear a Biber tee to a NIN concert, unless you major balls or something.

But the most ridiculous thing I ever saw was a band member wearing their own merch, and what's worse is that it was a picture of their own face! Come on! Hipster bands eh?
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