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Hey there, guys! Bumping this thread, because I'm about to order a wig from the Five Wits, and I was wondering about the shipping time. I'm in desperate need for this wig to arrive before the 14th of July (Harry Potter midnight premiere!), but I don't want to pay extra for express shipping. With the normal shipping, will it come in time? I'm so worried about the shipping time, but I think the wig looks perfect for my costume <3 I'm so happy that I found this website though, all of your reviews are so positive, plus it's a US-based shop, which is great So...oh! And one more thing...are their blonde wigs thick enough that they'll cover dark brown hair? I'm worried about that as well...My hair is very very short, so I can fit it all under the wig, but the last light colored wig I bought (not from TFW, thank goodness!) showed my hair underneath and it looked awful
Eheheh, sorry for my noob questions >___<;;
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