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Name of Merchant: Cosunit
Items purchased: Haruki Naoshi costume from "Starry Sky"
Links to picture(s) of your items recieved: coming
Timeline (how long your order took to process): 2 week s

Pros: Easy ordering process through Rakuten, no snags in payment, item-creation or mailing. Extremely quick to make and ship (within the 2 weeks promised on the website).

Colors and delivered pieces are more-or-less as promised. There are no major design errors. Costume is useable and was cheap (about $125 for 4 pieces).

Cons: I did not recieve exactly the same product shown in images ~ my costume has an error that is not included in the thumbnails. Haruki's rainbow jacket trim also lines the ~inside~ collar of his jacket, both in the games and in the display photos. The inside of my collar and waistband are red. Since the jacket is worn open, this is an accuracy problem and I'll need to try to match fabrics to fix it myself.

Fabrics are cheap, flimsy and there's no change of the costume looking like real clothing (everything's polyester of the brightest, most obvious sort). The pants are especially costumey and I might swap them out for a pair of dyed jeans.

The costume is a bit poorly put together and bears a striking resemblance to the no-man's land inside my Chinese factory Hope pants that fell apart on me in the middle of Tokyo Game Show. All the more reason to replace them!

Final Comments: Fast, cheap, flimsy, not particularly well-made and possessing of one moderately glaring error which is also an inconsistancy with the promised photo.

Final Grade: C+

(My friend has also used this company once and had a similar problem with accessories, socks, etc. being not as-shown, but the basic costume itself being more or less as-promised. That's 2 out of 2 purchases with differences between display photos and costumes, so tread carefully and expect some discrepencies for the worse.)

*follow up. After reading on the site that the company guarantees items to be exactly as-shown, I emailed the company with my grievences. The emails back have been curt and devoid of the usual Japanese courtesy. I was asked for photos to prove my claim, which I sent. Then I was told there was no problem and that the costume was "designed that way". I have since sent photos back with discrepencies circled and huge black arrows pointing to them. But really, I shouldn't have to >.< It is obvious from the photos I sent (including their own display image) that the costume has an error.

Rude >.<
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