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Name of Commissioner: Reaver

Website/ gallery: /

Character commissioned and series: Torakaka [BlazBlue] tail / prop

Links to picture: These are progress pictures from her

Timeline: Contacted her around mid May, paid late May, shipped June 30, received July 2 [so maybe a month?]

Pros: I really LOVE the tail! She did an amazing job with it and it's sturdy and looks like it can last for a long time. She's a very nice person and comfortable to talk with. She told me what type of fabric is best for the tail and would described them to me. It usually took her less than a day [sometimes a few days] to respond to emails and also sent progress pics and keeps you updated.

Cons: Nothing too big but after she finished, I asked her to hold on to the tail and ship it out on a certain day until I come back from a trip. It didn't take her until a week to ship it because of a busy schedule. I also asked for a tracking number, but never received it [I'm blaming Anime Expo?], but overall the package came here quickly and safely.

Despite the cons, she did keep me updated and I believe she attends cons in California and Cali has like over 1000 big cons each year [especially Anime Expo] so I completely understand.

Overall she's really great to work with and I'll definitely come back to her if I need any tails / wings!

Final Grade
: A- [just for messaging issues but I really recommend her c:]

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