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Long overdue update!
Despite a busy life I've been working somewhat diligently towards completing the girdle first. I've punched all of the holes needed, and as you can see below experimented with the stitching.

I need to buy some leather lace, as well as some buckle ends for the belts, and then I'll be basically ready to dye the leather, and finish it. I'm totally stoked

Next up is the Arakh, which I've been honing down more and more. It looks a bit rough currently but is a lot more smooth and finished than the photo shows.

You can see the knife is more or less close to being completed ... I still have to buy filler so I can make the blade smooth enough to look like metal once the silver coat is applied. Next is the armband, waiting to be dyed, and tied together, and attached to a more loose, low ounce piece of leather.

In addition to all that, I've started to think about the leather pants, and how I'm going to manage that. As luck would have it, today when I was dropping off my rent check I spied by a dumpster a chair that was upholstered with leather. Checking it out I noted that it was broken, but still in halfway decent shape.

Naturally I drove home and got my compound bow, and while ghost-riding my car drove by and nailed the beast just behind its front haunches. It didn't want to part with this world, so I had to nail it again before I reigned in my steed and performed the coup de grace. With deft hands I flayed its fallen body, making quick, skillful cuts in the right areas to let the hide be removed easily from the corpse.

The chair yielded what would appear to be just enough material to make the pants, and even better, despite the fact that it was finished, it would appear that the leather can be dyed easily. It may not be one large solid piece to be divided up into the pants pattern, but ultimately its an all in all good solution that just happened to drop from the sky.
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