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Name of Commissioner: sonteen12/red-cluster

Website/ gallery:

Character commissioned and series/video game (please include if this was the entire costume, just a jacket, prop, accessory, wig, etc.) : Nurse Joy from Pokemon (wig)

Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item: n/a at the moment will be posting pics after Ikasucon.

Timeline (how long your order took to process): April 1st, 2011 - 07/07/11. It was suppose to be here before the 6th.

Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments.:


The only part I really like about my wig are the front portion of the bangs. I couldn't have asked for better. But as a whole process of commissioning through her, it was just a headache after headache. No other pros about it. She did over night the wig, with a tracking number. And she did ship the wig with a wig head.


At first she seemed really quick to respond to any questions. The communication was great in the beginning. The only time though that I noticed to seem to get responses was when I prodded her over a note on DA. Things had slowed down. I had choose her because of word-of-mouth through a friend to do this commission. But I made her promise to do several things with this commission: 1. keep me updated once progress was made 2. take progress pics. Neither was done. Each time I poked her on DA to see how things were going, she always had some kind of excuse. Either she was too busy with wig commissions or conventions. I got sick of it. One note got kind of nasty to get the point across that this wig was promised to be by July, before my convention. Two weeks ago, she claimed that it was 2-3rds done after she threatened me to take my refund for my wig. I just wanted the wig. I've had so many issues with finding a commissioner that was able to handle this wig. She said that was fine so she will continue to work on it. Then last week, I saw her post about AX on DA. I noted her again due to that I still have not seen any progress pics or received anything from her on her end. She claimed that she sent it out on last Wednesday via priority mail. It is still not here. I'm really upset right now. I have little faith that I'll get my wig on time for this con, and if I'll even get this wig at all. I've been waiting patiently since April 1st for my commission. If you are that too busy to do a commission, then why commission at all? Leave the excuses out of your business and just do your job like you were hired to do. Just take precautions if you approach her to do a commission for you.

Edited 7/7/11
Final Grade: D+
This is for the lack of correspondence, deadline that was missed by a day and a half and for breaking promises of not updating me with progress pictures throughout the entire process. This commissioner is too busy with life and yet she still takes on commissions. Just be cautious if approached by her. She does claim she is stopping commissions in September for good because of the "little pay" she gets for doing such.


Update - she noted me on DA, after threatening for a refund. She claims that she's going to over night it and it should be here by noon tomorrow. I still doubt I'll see this wig.

Final Edit:

The wig came today. She had expressed mailed it. She expected me to pay for shipping on all the hassle I had to deal with. She barely met the deadline. She was too busy all the time to respond or work on my wig, when she had it since April. She did ship it with a wig head, thankfully. I am glad that she didn't even question not too.

As for the quality of the wig's grade:

I would give it an C. She had stubbed the back of the wig for the loops; but did not cover or closed them off. I will have to make something to go over them. It's pretty hideous other wise. The color is a bit darker then I originally wanted. There's a lot of uneven-ness throughout the side bangs. I will be trimming up those later my self.
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