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Need a little Help ^^;

Hey, I'm spending the summer in Taiwan and while I am unfortunately leaving the day of CWT28 but till then I want to try and get the most I can as an Otaku in Taiwan, especially a cosplayer. Sadly the one cosplay store I found (Moe Moe Center) seems to be closed. So I looked around the internet and found a place called I immediately fell in love with the selections they have but when I tried to make an account to buy them I got stumped by their asking for an ID number. Is it like a social security number so I'd have to be a citizen to buy from there? Well I'm just a little confused and hoping it isn't so since no where else will I find so many different costumes and for these prices. I try to make my costumes but with an opportunity like this, I don't want to waste it. Can anyone explain it to me?

Also if there are any awesome places you would suggest to someone who will be in Taiwan awhile please let me know! I've found very few anime stores so far myself. Oh and is anyone out there planning to go to FF18?
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