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Name of Commissioner: Dream Angels (Anna Hui)

Website/ gallery:

Character commissioned and series/video game: Rinoa Heartilly, Final Fantasy VIII. (Blue cardigan and arm warmers.)

Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item:

Picture of what I SHOULD have recieved:

Timeline (how long your order took to process): Contacted on Jan 10th, payment sent Feb 16th and recieved item on May 20th.

Describe your Experience:

Contacted Anna (Dream Angels) on Jan 10th asking if they were able to take on the project of making my Rinoa cardigan, but with some adjustments to the width and style. They were really friendly and said this was no problem, we discussed measurements, and they said that the alterations to the Rinoa duster would cost me an additional $30 and the shipping to my country would be $25, bringing the cardigan and arm warmer price to a total of $185. Now, i've ordered from these guys before and the service was amazing, in fact the first time I ordered from them years ago, they actually made me a costume in a deluxe style, but cheaper in price, which was very kind of them, so I agreed to pay the money, it was sent via Paypal and I got an email saying it had been recieved and that they would begin work on it that weekend. I was also told I could email at any time for a progress report ( Screen shot here: and that it would be with me in time for our agreed deadline of May 25th.

By April 14th, I decided to give them a message and ask for a progress report and by May 6th, I'd heard nothing, which worried me. I was polite, and simply asked if they had gotten my previous message. No response. I decided to give them several days to reply to me and got nothing, and then saw that their website had gone down and was down for quite some time. Getting more worried, I send them the following in an email:

'Hi guys,
I'm getting really concerned now, I've heard nothing from you for weeks and your website has now gone down. I can understand that you guys are really really busy, but it's very worrying when a commissioner takes money from you and then you hear nothing for months, more so when a deadline is approaching. I have commissioned from you guys before and you were very good and reliable, and I'd like to think you still are, but this lack of contact is really disconcerting.

I'm willing to give you guys the benefit of the doubt and assume that the costume will be shipped out and meet the agreed deadline of 25th of May. I'm sad to say this, but if the deadline isn't met, I'll have no choice but to file a dispute and claim the money back, as $185 is a lot of money. '
No sooner had I sent this, the website comes back up, and on the 18th of May, I get a message saying:

'Your item was dispatched May 8, 2011.
It should arrive before your deadline.
Our website went down temporarily due to server issues. It is back up and running.
We apologize for the delay in response.
Thank you,
Fine. Great, my item has been sent. Thank god as it's close to con time.
So a few days later a package arrives. Yey! I open it and its...not what I expected. Infact, it's nothing like what I expected. The costume doesn't even look like the one on their website, infact, it's a piece of fabric with two holes cut out of it and some front panels hastilly sewn on. The edges are rough, the fabric cheap and see through and the wings on the back are painted in stiff paint and have seeped through. The alterations I asked for were NOT done, so I paid an extra $30 for nothing, and they took 22inches off the length. The web site said it took only 12 inches off the length of the costume in relation to height. It was also miles too big. And just as an added extra, Anna lied about when she posted the parcel. She posted it on the 18th of May, not the 8th, so my guess is she saw the email about claiming the money back, panicked and made the thing I now have in my posession. (Proof of the postage date:

Very angry, I email them with the following:

'I received a package from Anna today, which was my Rinoa cosplay. I'm sorry to say that the costume was less than I expected. I paid $185 plus shipping for the costume and what I received was not, in my opinion, worth $185.

The costume was far too large around the bust and back area, it was also too short (Your website says that you take off 12 inches from the length of the costume, mine had roughly 22 inches taken off) and the paint has leaked through the back of the costume and is too small/uneven in areas. The post stamp says it was sent on the 18th of May, but I was told it was sent on the 8th of May. I'm really disappointed because I have ordered from you before and the quality of service I received was excellent, as was the costume I received and so I hope we can resolve this situation.'
And hear nothing. So I send them another after two weeks:

'Hi guys,
It's been over two weeks since I emailed you regarding the costume which I was sent on May 18th. I sent you an email on May 24th stating that I was not satisfied with the product and was hoping that we could resolve the issue. As no feedback or contact has been given regarding the issue, I have no choice but to take the matter further. I am willing to wait one more week, starting from 11th of June GMT in hopes that you might contact me during this time and we can come to a solution together. If the issue is still not resolved in the next week then it shall be taken further. '
I've still heard nothing from them and am now persuing legal action against Anna. It's a huge shame, as when I ordered from her several years ago she was amazing, I'm unsure what has happened.

Avoid Dream Angels like the plague, unless you want to waste money.

Final Grade: F-

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