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Costume site review:

At first when I saw, it looked kinda... suspicious? I suspected I'd have alot of problems but went ahead and ordered anyway because of the supposedly speedy processing and shipping. It was delivered today and I am incredibly impressed. I bought the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Tsuruya dress.

It's a nice satin dress with a simple cotton apron. Nothing fancy but sewn very well. I couldn't find any life-changing defects. One problem was some extra material behind the apron top, which is there for support. It's barely noticable. Second problem was the zipper doesnt zip all the way on the turtleneck, but that's easily fixable with a safety pin. Besides that, the shipping is to die for. It only took them about eight days to process, (three days of waiting because I forgot to give them my phone number, my fault.), and was shipped in about three days from China. Great customer service and quick processing and shipping. I'm definately shopping from this little unknown cosplay store again!

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