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Originally Posted by wanderingdreamr View Post
I need help with fabric not for an outfit but for the bag that goes with the cosplay. Here's a reference picture, I was thinking perhaps suede but I really don't know.
Heck, anyone have any suggestions for what to make her brown armwarmers and brown shirt thing out of? I'm not as worried about those two parts but suggestions would be nice!
Suede for the bag would be super legit and look really nice. As for the brown arm thingies, perhaps just a nice cotton. You could even do cotton for the brown part of the shirt, but you could even do that out of suede as well to bring all the suede full-circle.

What kind of fabric for the blue jacket and shorts? I've thought about velvet, but it's too tough for me to work with and expensive and HOT. I want to get a rich, intense feeling... Another picture.
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