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In terms of feedback...

I must say that it was a quite enjoyable experience. It was a more relaxed con, and the staff was quite friendly. The lines moved quickly for the events, and they had some really good J-Pop & J-Rock concerts. (The "Scandal" concert was awesome!) While this convention is not as big as AX or Comic Con by any means, it is a fair sized con, and it could potentially grow really fast if it is done right within the next few years.

The Masquerade itself was very well run & friendly. The Masquerade Coordinator was also very easy to approach to & talk to as well.

The only negative thing about this event was the people from the "Moose" Convention. They were sharing the AM2 event at the Anaheim Convention Center, and some of them were rude, obnoxious and pointed & snickered at all the cosplayers. (After awhile, it started to get really annoying.)

There was also a couple of bearded men with baseball hats from the "Moose" convention who were wearing Confederate flag T-shirts, and hurled 4 letter words at some of the the cosplayers. One of them used a derogatory word that questioned the sexuality of the cosplayers.

I really hope AM2 doesn't share with the "Moose" con the next time. I also do hope that AM2 doesn't share the same July 4th weekend date as AX the next time as well.

*On a sidenote...A funny thing also happened when our cosplay friends were dining at the Anaheim Cheese Cake factory restaurant during the con. The all girl band members of the J-Pop group "Scandal", and their entourage ended up sitting right behind us.*

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