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Name of Commissioner: Limebarb
Website/ gallery
Character commissioned and series/video game (please include if this was the entire costume, just a jacket, prop, accessory, wig, etc.): Utena Tenjou (movie version) jacket and shorts
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item
Timeline (how long your order took to process) 12months
Describe your Experience.

I commissioned this costume in October of 09 with a need by date of March 2010, a month earlier than the event I was planning on wearing it to. More than enough time for a fairly simple costume with no accessories and extravagant details. I opted for the payment plan, even payed off the costume 3 months early. Communication was great, that is, until the costume was fully paid for. Once the bill was paid the communication stopped. A week before my due date I was starting to get a bit nervous. None of my emails were being replied to and suddenly nobody picked up the phone...ever. Even during normal "business hours" as listed on their site. Two days before the need by date I finally got an email stating it was ready and would be shipped in the morning. Great! So I waited...and nothing. No email with tracking number, etc. Need by date comes and goes, which is ok because my event wasn't for another month. I email them again. No reply until several days later, "its not ready yet. we'll have it done asap." Wait a minute... didn't you say it was ready to ship?Emailing goes back and forth and two days before I leave for my event I get a shipping notice email. They're overnighting it! Well, my event came and went and no costume. I come home and a day later it arrives, completely inaccurate. I sent them an email, being more polite than I probably should at this point and she offers to fix it for me for free. Ok, no worries. So I eat the cost of returning the item for them to fix it. This was in April. I fail to hear back from them for months. I end up having to file with the BBB and in September I finally get my package with a "oh it was done we just hadn't gotten around to sending it because we didn't think you needed it right away. please remove your claim against us, btw here's a pile of our business cards for your friends!"
Pros: none
Cons: slow/no response once payments received, slow delivery, no care for confirmed need by dates, poor quality first time around, clearly does not care about customers, and according to their policy i'm now and "irresponsible" customer for reviewing my bad experience with them
Comments: the summary really says it all
Final Grade: F
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