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Game of Thrones - HBO series

I was shocked to find that this thread didn't exist already! A search of the forums turned up lots of people working on Game of Thrones costumes, but not a single central thread like so many other shows and movies have. So I thought it was about time someone started one! There are so many cool costumes from the show, and often cases quite different from what was described in the books, that I'm sure there's a lot of interest in GoT cosplay.

Can't wait to see what everyone is working on! I'll put my questions in a follow-up post.
Upcoming costumes - Dragon*Con 2013:
Steampunk Tinkerbell (original concept) - 100%
River Song - Day of the Moon dress (Doctor Who) - 100%, adding props
Samantha Winchester - Winchester Sisters (Supernatural genderswap) - 100%, adding props
Abaddon - As Time Goes By dress (Supernatural) - 90%
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