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Haha, today I decided to cosplay Irelia (she's my main, it was between her or Sona) for AX '12. I went to this past AX as Goth Annie (the chinese art version) with my friend who cosplayed Caitlyn. It didn't go so well as a lot of people didn't recognize the skin/ character/ artwork despite having Annie written on my backpack and a stuffed Tibbers. After that, my friend and I both decided we'd never do any of the other skins (unless they're ridiculously popular like Morgana's Sinful Succulence skin). This year we're going to have a group of friends who have decided to cosplay with us, so we'll be having: Leona (kaelidra), Irelia, Ezreal, Singed, Master Yi, and Gangplank. Our other friend is undecided, but it should be a lot of fun!

Do you have any idea how you're making the giant shuriken thing? I've already started sketching out some ideas on how to make it. ksdfjlsf so excited, haha. Also, are you going to be getting a silver wig or a blue one-- scratch that you won't have that issue. Nightblade Irelia has silver hair in her art and in game.

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