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I'm doing Khal Drogo hopefully in time for Otakon, but if not, for halloween.

Originally Posted by DaniiChan View Post
I too am making that outfit (as you already know) I expect I will see a lot of people in it as it's so badass lol Yet so difficult....
The top in particular is the most difficult bit, for sure. The mechanics behind the garment seem pretty straightforward, but the weaving itself is critical. I don't think that burlap would be appropriate on its own. If perhaps one got very very loose burlap and then wove very thin leather lace throughout it, the result might be very pleasing indeed!

Originally Posted by DaniiChan View Post
Anyone have any leads on where to find the belts/something similar? Been searching the internet with no luck...
On first glance it would appear to be leather, but the high res shot makes it a lot clearer. The pecan shapes are stamped metal, but if I were you I'd simply make them out of Apoxie Sculpt, carving into it with a dental pick or xacto blade once it's cured. Beneath those I'm willing to bet that the flat belt is more or less just a wide/thick elastic belt, one you might find at a craft store.

The belt below that, however, will be more difficult, unless you've got access to a laser cutter, which will make your life super duper simple. It reminds me though, of some of my grandma's old theatrical jewelry ... might be somewhere you may consider looking.

Also, unrelated: Why does a moderator need to approve every comment here?? Are the Spambots that virulent?? Or is it simply that I need to reach a certain number of posts?
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