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I'm going to be starting on Hungary's costume soon, but I have a few questions. First, do you think it's necessary for me to wear a corset as part of her outfit? I'm not really familiar with corsets, so I would prefer not to have to make/buy one if I don't need to. Second, what kind of fabric(s) would you recommend? Silk, satin, cotton, or something else? I plan to dye the fabric to get a gradient. Thank you very much!
I wore a cincher under my dress for a better silhouette but it also helped manage the skirt I wore underneath.

How accurate are you planning on making this? If you're planning on having the actual plunging bodice and the dip down the back, not to mention the open sides with the "lacing," a corset will show through. I added panels of nude stretchy material so the cincher/corset showing really wasn't an issue.
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