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Name of Commissioner: Catzia's Collectibles
Website/ gallery
Character commissioned and series/video game Crescent moon forehead charms
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item
(and here's Artemis')
Timeline ummm, a couple of weeks I think
Describe your Experience. Pros, Cons, Comments. I had discovered Catzia LONG before I ever thought I'd being doing a Sailor V cosplay, so once I started on my Sailor V cosplay I looked into her crescent moon charms cuz...well they looked better than any other commissioner's.
Pros: It arrived pretty fast, like bout 2 weeks, and the moons look very pretty and realistic. Exactly what I wanted for my costume
Cons: Took a while for her to respond to my emails, she did apologize tho. My main problem was the design of the moons, they were beautiful but when I opened them up...they had no backing. It was just hollow inside(Like a crescent moon shaped bowl) I tried using the adhesive I paid 2 dollars extra for but it wouldn't stick to my head! I ended up having to buy spirit gum to stick to my forehead, I used hot glue to stick the moons to my choker and Artemis.
At the con tho, I couldn't keep the moon on my head!!! I would try using the spirit gum but because the moon had no backing there was nothing for the glue to rest on! I tried putting it on the edges but that only worked for a min, I spent most of the morning pressing the moon to my head till it left creases and marks and I got spirit gum all over my forehead.
Later getting ready for my photoshoot I came up with an idea: I used my hot glue gun to fill in the moon a little, let it dry, then I applied my spirit gum to the hot glue and stuck it on my forehead, it didn't budge the entire shoot! So in the end it all worked out but I wish I didn't have to go through so much trouble.
Also on the website it shows the forehead charm and the choker accessory, since I was only gonna use the other 2 moons for Artemis and my choker I bought 2 charms and 1 forehead charm to save money, in the picture of the choker accessory the moon looks like its made of plastic, not metal, so it made sense why it was cheaper. I get the moons in the mail however and they're all made of metal. I was a little glad cuz it meant all the moons matched but basically I spend $2.50 more on the forehead charm for nothing, considering the adhesive didn't work.
Final Grade: B+ the moons were beautiful, but so much hassle.
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