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Semi-Formal Ball 2011 ~ Dress Code Rules

Regardless of if you are cosplaying or not, your outfit must meet these rules.

~ No jeans, t-shirts, or casual clothing. Semi-formal (nice blouse/button-up dress shirt and khakis/dress pants) is the least casual attire allowed. Short-sleeved button-up shirts are allowed, but polo shirts are too casual. Think "Sunday Best" clothing, something you would wear to a wedding or a job interview. Have fun with your outfit for the dance! This is your chance to go all out with a dressy costume.

~ All shoes need to be clean. No Converse, tennis shoes, flip flop sandals, or bare feet.

~ No denim.

~ Clothing should be clean and well-presented.

~ Battle armor (Stormtrooper, Master Chief) is not appropriate, but ceremonial armor (Twilight Princess Zelda) is fine.

~ Cosplay is allowed (and encouraged!), but you may wish to design an original outfit or modify a character's clothing to fit the dress code if their regular outfit isn't appropriate. For example, Sephiroth in a tuxedo rather than his regular outfit. However, cosplay is not required.

~ Serious crossplay is perfectly fine.

~ Glowsticks, LED accessories, or rave apparel is not allowed.

~ Please do not wear large costumes like mascot suits, large wings, or mechas. They will be a hazard to you and others on the dance floor! Please leave your props in your room as they will likely get in your way.

~ Masks are not required.

~ The door staff has the final say on the acceptability of attire.


~ Nothing shorter than knee-length. This includes shorts and skirts. They must be knee length and cannot be made of see through material.

~ No bare midriffs. However, bare shoulders are fine, as are fancy backless dresses.

~ Pants are acceptable (you don't have to wear a dress), but they must be dressy.


~ No bare chests. You must wear a shirt.

~ No shorts as they are not considered dressy. Dandy/EGL knee-length dress pants are allowed.

Suggestions for acceptable attire:

~ EGL/Aristocrat/Dandy fashion (skirts must be knee-length or longer)
~ Suits
~ Military dress uniforms
~ Ball gowns and princess dresses
~ Historical costume (Civil War, Medieval, Victorian, etc) as long as it fits the dress code
~ Formal Steampunk
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