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Originally Posted by Skxawng View Post
As far as I know I'm really just looking towards Otakon because I live in Baltimore ... Atlanta is a bit far away and I've got to conserve my days off for a trip to europe later this year. I'm not even that sure that I'll have the whole thing ready by Otakon :/ or at least not to a level that I would be confident wearing. I've got a lot of stuff to do, and an annoyingly busy life :P
Aww, sorry to hear that. DragonCon is a ton of fun, with some of the best costumes of any US convention, not to mention the sheer number of costumes, from every imaginable fandom, everywhere you look. I know your Drogo would go over well there. ;D But the hotel situation has gotten so crazy the last few years, it's actually best to plan a full year in advance. I booked my hotel room for this coming DragonCon (Sept 1-5) last October, and bought my con badge around the same time, when they're cheapest. So maybe look into going to DragonCon 2012? Hehe.

Btw, I think the mod approval will go away once you've racked up enough posts.
Upcoming costumes - Dragon*Con 2013:
Steampunk Tinkerbell (original concept) - 100%
River Song - Day of the Moon dress (Doctor Who) - 100%, adding props
Samantha Winchester - Winchester Sisters (Supernatural genderswap) - 100%, adding props
Abaddon - As Time Goes By dress (Supernatural) - 90%
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