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@tsumikuroi I'm not keen on showing that much cleavage, and I like the idea of using nude fabric instead, so I'll probably do something similar. Just wondering, what kind of fabric did you use in making this costume?
It also keeps the dress together and not stretch. ^^;

I used a mixed fiber for the main black dress; it's a suiting fabric without too much weight to it. The skirt and bow are made from a rather thin satin that I double layered.

I tend to go by drape when I choose fabrics, as well as luster. The main black gown shouldn't be out of something particularly light but it should probably have a little stretch and give. The skirt should definitely be fairly light and this is probably one of the times you can get away with light satin/crepe satin. When you go shopping for materials, hold it up and drape it over yourself to get an idea of how it'll hold and what sort of shape it'll have.

You will have to add interfacing, particularly on the bow, to give it that shape and slight puff.

ETA: Before dyeing anything, always check what kind of fabric are you using (cotton/silk/natural vs. polyester/nylon/artificial) and what dyes you'll need to dye them. I didn't go that route, to my shame and sorrow, so I can't give you much information on that.

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