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Originally Posted by GlassCannon View Post
Aww, sorry to hear that. DragonCon is a ton of fun, with some of the best costumes of any US convention, not to mention the sheer number of costumes, from every imaginable fandom, everywhere you look. I know your Drogo would go over well there. ;D But the hotel situation has gotten so crazy the last few years, it's actually best to plan a full year in advance. I booked my hotel room for this coming DragonCon (Sept 1-5) last October, and bought my con badge around the same time, when they're cheapest. So maybe look into going to DragonCon 2012? Hehe.

Btw, I think the mod approval will go away once you've racked up enough posts.
Sounds like MAG fest, which I'll be going to ... but not in costume. The elevators there never worked because there were too many people. This year though they got a larger place to have it at, so it should be even better.

This will be my first con in costume, if I can complete it in time. I've therefore hesitated on working on the arakh, and will be focusing on finishing the belt, pants, girdle, and knives. I also gotta figure out where to buy hair extensions.

Interestingly, I got enough posts with that post
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