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Originally Posted by doctorjackal777 View Post
I've always really wanted to do Nazi SS uniform because, naziness aside it is a really smart looking uniform. I talked to some friends about it when we went out for lunch the other day and they seemed all for it. As far as uniforms go they agreed the SS ones look amazing. What do you think of me maybe wearing it to a convention? Like maybe using it as a base to do a Hetalia cosplay.
May I suggest that if you want to cosplay a German Uniform that you look at other branches try the Luftwaffe or the Kriegsmarine. I can go into many reason why no one should every Coplay anything that has to do with the SS but your seem to be a smart one so think about it first.

Personally if I was on Staff at a Kon you were attending with a SS Uniform on I would ask you to go and change.
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