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Originally Posted by doctorjackal777 View Post
I've always really wanted to do Nazi SS uniform because, naziness aside it is a really smart looking uniform. I talked to some friends about it when we went out for lunch the other day and they seemed all for it. As far as uniforms go they agreed the SS ones look amazing. What do you think of me maybe wearing it to a convention? Like maybe using it as a base to do a Hetalia cosplay.
The SS uniform isn't used in any official Hetalia art, with or without insignia.

Aside from the convention staff likely being uncomfortable with it, you are likely to get negative responses from other Hetalia fans. As a group en mass, we have a (partially deserved, due to the irresponsible actions of some) bad reputation, and many fans are now very aware of what is going to make them look even worse. You will inevitably find yourself on 'bad cosplay' websites, being chewed over on the Hetalia communities, and any pictures that get taken will follow you forever all over the internet with cruel comments attached to them because you are not the first person to have this idea and this is what always happens.

It's just kinda not cool.

If you really like the uniform and the history surrounding it, great! Find a WWII re-enactment society or some other legitimate venue, or else keep it for private occasions. If you want something you can wear to a general convention and just really like the styling and the look of it, why not look into a military styled anime series (Something like Dolls maybe) or OC it, switch out all the insignia and probably also the accent colours, but keep the cut and the lines that make it so smart looking. Or look into the hundreds of equally (In my eyes at least) smart and good looking uniforms which are less problematic to build a Hetalia cosplay on.
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