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Originally Posted by Mesoian View Post
So I decided to replay LTTP over the weekend.

>Genuinely surprised how much I remember considering I haven't played the game since college
>Get through the second artifact duengon with little problems, learned that you can get the ice rod as soon as you have bombs, find a guy that just gives you 500 rupies for no reason so you can get the zora boots without grinding.
>Heading off to 3rd dungeon, decide to have breakfast, turn the game off and switch to netflix to watch MOTHERFUCKING REBOOT FUCK YEAH
>Finish breakfast, go back to zelda, realize that the last 10 years of video games have conditioned me to accept auto saving, this is an SNES game, autosaving doesn't exist yet.
>Don't feel like doing it all again.
>Play through BattleClash, this game is disappointingly easier than I remember it.
Weren't you the one who just posted the same thing concerning autosaving with Metroid Prime not too long ago?
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