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Originally Posted by Brsis View Post
Aside from the convention staff likely being uncomfortable with it, you are likely to get negative responses from other Hetalia fans. As a group en mass, we have a (partially deserved, due to the irresponsible actions of some) bad reputation, and many fans are now very aware of what is going to make them look even worse.
Oh, yes! PLEASE be the Hetalia fan who knows, loves, and understands history rather than the one who wears the uniform just because it looks good. A Hetalia fan who knows the story (and implications) of a uniform is always a better Hetalia fan IMHO.

And don't think you CAN'T wear uniforms to a convention. Uniforms are awesome, but without a deep knowledge of WHAT you're wearing and an understanding of the consequences of wearing it, you shouldn't even start the project.

People loved our uniforms at ACEN. Granted, 90% of the con thought we were from Hetalia, but I knew that would happen going in. I accept and go on instead of crying over the ignorance or simple mistakes of others.
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