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Name of Commissioner - Loserific/Ashli
Website/ gallery -
Character commissioned - Flygon Gijinka from Pokemon
Items commissioned - Costume, boots, and wig.
Links to picture(s) of your commissioned item - Never arrived so not possible
Timeline - Contacted in January for a end of July convention. They last I have heard from her was in May.
Experience - I was very cautious about commissioning a costume after I had nearly been scammed. I chose Ashli because she had multiple good reviews about her and I felt I could trust her. After first emailing hr she responded quickly and we worked out a payment. For the first two months when I emailed her she would respond fairly quickly but over time communication became less and less. Eventually she stopped responding all together.
Pros - Was very professional and responded quickly after she was first contacted.
Cons - She has dropped off the face of the earth. I was supposed to receive my costume today but surprise, surprise, nothing. She will not respond to emails or PMs. I have tried multiple times but with no results.
Final Grade: F- (I will change it if I ever receive my costume but I doubt I will)

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