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@ Puttay - StrawberrySiren is right in that I kind of instantly assumed you were a spambot. Since pretty much you join on the day you post something negative and, in my opinion, really, really hard to believe. I'm sorry you seemed to take it so negatively and will try to be more careful in my phrasing of the term "bullshit" since, well, I'm not sure what else to say it sounds like. Similarly, "Get out" wasn't "LEAVE THE SITE 4EVAR OMG" it was "give us the details or be quiet".

So let me rephrase. What you are saying sounds like it isn't true. Perhaps you are mistaken about "old contacts" because considering my lenses don't expire for close to ten years, I find it an amazingly hard to believe lapse that a site that specializes in lenses would keep stock that is that outdated. Like I said, you're welcome to your opinion, but I would also like to know details of the order (like when you ordered) and what miracle test there is to find out contacts are too old to be worn safely.

I've never ordered from that site. I probably never will. But there are enough newbies to contacts around here that alarmist behavior without actual facts hits one of my buttons to make me think you are a spambot or here to just badmouth a site. It has certainly happened before.
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