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Mawaru Penguindrum (Spinning Penguin Drum / Evil Penguin Drum) & PenguinBear

Oh I'm starting one!

Kunihiko Ikuharais back with this new project. He has not been the heading director on an anime since Utena.

Visually I'm reminded of the Utena Movie. Themes are also very similar to Utena series. I like the return of iconic imagery.

I get the impression from him, he like to throw conventional standards into the woodchipper on all his projects.

It's a full 24 episode series so this should be fun.

I found my self excite for this series after watching the first episode. ^_^

Cosplay we shall see. Way to early to commit but I do love the twins school uniform. ^_^

Translation is either is Ring/Spinning Penguin Drum
or (輪る) Evil (ピングドラム)Penguin Drum.
Or Penguin Drama if you spin the last character ム upside down.

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