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Originally Posted by Michi_Lolita View Post

This outfit has a lot of parts and it's my first costume so I have no idea what to make any of it out of.
A lot of Vocaloid cosplayers tend to lean towards the shiny fabrics. Here's a really good demon wing tutorial: CLICK. For the shoes, it'd be best to make boot covers. Another tutorial on that: CLICK. Alternatively, you can just buy red shoes and make black spats over those. Tutorial on spats: CLICK. I figure you can buy those headphones somewhere at a local store, but if you want to make it super-duper accurate, or for some other reason, here's yet another tutorial on making Vocaloid headphones: CLICK. You can alter the tutorial here and there to suit your specific cosplay. If you haven't gotten a wig yet, you might want to visit this thread to check out wig sellars: CLICK. As an afterthought, I haven't dropped a tutorial on her tail, either: CLICK.

Haa... hope I helped a little @________@
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