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Well, I actually bought a cosplay dress from there a couple months back. The dress I bought was this :

The dress turned out very beautiful, besides the fact the sleeves were just a tad bit short. The service was pretty helpful, the shipping... not so good in my experience.

I had ordered it in the middle of February I think. The service was good, the person I was talking to was VERY nice and informative.

But the thing was, I recieved the dress pretty late. They had said something about Chinese New Year and how pretty much all their factories were shut down until the celebration was over. They had finished making the dress before the holiday, so I had to wait for them to ship it. It took about 2 times longer to get here, but when it did, they said they would include a gift (a pretty wooden fan) because they were sorry for making me wait.

Any way, over all, I think it's an okay trusted site, better than Milanoo. I've ordered two wigs there and two costumes, and well... I've seen better places.

I hope I've helped, even though I did not order Lolita from there. Their pictures look pretty trusting, and it's not like their pictures that pretty much every cosplay costume website has...
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